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Diki Leos born in South Sumatra on February 1st 1983. He’s a student at Indonesian Institute of Arts Jogjakarta since 2002, and now on his final project. Diki Leoz combines Dark, Hellish, and comical imagery in every of his work. Hotrods, weird creatures, all dominated his manifestation of art. Besides working on his final assignment exhibition, he also works with various media such as paintings, comics, performance arts, illustration, and more. In his spare time, he makes hundreds of sketches on his sketch diary book. He got a statement that work of art is meant to tell his opinion, hope, ideas, thoughts, and his feelings. the art works like a diary for him. He got interested in the darkside of human and mixed it in gloomy mood and touched it with a little bit humor. He got a lot of influences from Lee Bermejo, an artist who works on various graphic novels, including Joker and Lex Luthor. He first collaborates with MOOF to make his personal merchandise with designs on his own character. He wanted to have a personal product such as old school 90s era cap with his artwork embossed on a metal plate, and his signature graphic t-shirt.